Workers’ Rights Miniseries for Spanish Speaking Workers

From Warehouse Workers for Justice --


WWJ Members, Allies and Supporters,

We are happy to announce that our next Workers' Rights Miniseries will be for Spanish speaking workers. Our first workshop will be Thursday, July 9th, 11am on Workers Comp with Attorney Jose Rivero. The second workshop will be with co-Access to Justice grantee, Spanish Community Center on immigration and workers' rights on Thursday, July 16th at 11am. The last of this workers' rights miniseries will be on workplace rights during COVID-19 with the Raise the Floor legal clinic on Thursday, July 23rd, 11am. You can watch our presentations on Facebook Live at the Warehouse Workers for Justice Facebook page.

The last of our June Mini-Series is tomorrow, Tuesday, June 30th at 11am on Fighting Discrimination in the Workplace with Attorney Mark Birhanu of the Raise The Floor Alliance. If you missed last week's workshop, watch and share our Workers' Rights during COVID-19 with Attorney Miranda Huber, Legal Director at the Raise the Floor Alliance. If you need a a follow up with an attorney email WWJ's Sandy Moreno for a referral WWJ intends to continue to host online workshops on a regular basis as long as social distancing is recommended. Please continue to help us spread the word about our efforts.