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Greater Lawndale Lotería

An evidence-informed, historically grounded, and worker justice-themed educational game

Greater Lawndale Lotería was developed through a collaborative effort between community partners in Greater Lawndale and UIC. Our game features:

  • 54 originally illustrated cards by Ronica Hicks, a North Lawndale artist, that reflect common jobs and places where people work in GL as well as neighborhood landmarks.
  • Educational narratives co-authored by Alison Dickson and GLHW Team for each card that highlights assets, precarity levels, history about Chicago labor movements, and know your rights information.
  • An instructional and informational booklet graphically designed by Theodora Salazar, a Little Village resident.
  • Short-term goal

    To inform critical dialogue and challenge knowledge, attitudes and beliefs related to work and health in GL among stakeholders, such as community members, youth, small business owners, and workers.

  • Long-term goal

    To recognize and promote healthy work as a social justice priority in GL.

You can now request your own copy of Greater Lawndale Lotería! Fill out the form below to request a physical copy mailed to you.

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Participant testimonials Heading link

I learned about the rise in interest in trade schools and how they are very underfunded despite the demand.

GL Loteria participant

We need more healthy work so we can buy food.

GL Loteria participant

I felt proud to be a Chicagoan hearing about grassroots organizing in the city and our rich history in labor organizing.

GL Loteria participant