The Center for Healthy Work aims to share a variety of resources to support workers in Chicago, and to provide resources to academics, employers, policymakers, and workers to help establish and maintain the belief that all workers deserve healthy work.

  • Response to COVID-19 contains COVID-19 guide for workers in Illinois. Also included are COVID-19 resources from the WHO, CDC, Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health, & Governmental Agencies, and Illinois and Chicago specific resources.
  • Local Resources contains a community resource guide in Spanish and English to connect Chicago residents who may need resources related to work and health.
  • Resources to Build Evidence link to various resources such as advocacy, data, innovative initiatives, policy initiatives and trainings for healthy work.
  • Precarious Work Glossary contains the definition for phrases and words commonly used in discussions about worker health and safety.
  • Center for Healthy Work Resources contains webinars and publications from the Center for Healthy Work and partners.
  • Total Worker Health Resources link to tools from the other Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health and COVID-19 resources from the Illinois-based Total Worker Health Affiliates.