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Chicago Wants Migrants To Be Able To Work Legally. Here’s Why Many Of Them Can’t

Local leaders and immigration nonprofits in Chicago are pushing to expedite the process for migrants to obtain work permits, as thousands of newcomers, primarily from Central and South America, continue to arrive in the city. Processing work permits for asylum seekers can take up to a year, and parole-based work permits often have limited durations, making it challenging for migrants to legally work. Advocates are urging the federal government to streamline the work permit process and expand the use of parole programs.

The growing number of migrants arriving in Chicago, many of whom are fleeing economic crises and violence in their home countries, has raised concerns about the capacity of legal resources to meet their needs, including legal assistance with asylum applications and work permits. Funding for legal services and pro-bono support is also a critical issue in addressing the humanitarian crisis.

Source: Block Club Chicago | Click here for full story.